Backed by the relevant experience and exposure to the market, and with a keen intention of protecting and nature, we have developed our bio gas plants. We believe the benefits mentioned below would not only help our nation grow but also leap ahead towards preserving the environment.

  • Self-sustenance & Self-dependence of cooking energy
  • Adulteration free organic manure
  • Beneficial for health and well being
  • Effective management of hygiene, cleanliness and waste
  • Time and energy saving
Additional advantages apart from the above mentioned key benefits are,
  • Conserves nature
  • Local employment generation and opportunities
Prominent Features
  • All Set Design – Ready to use
  • Simple, Easy to Install
  • Space saving design
  • Movable, for ease of Relocation
  • Possibility of installation, Both above/under ground
  • Minimal maintenance
Range & Specifications
Code No. Gas Gen. Capacity
(in Cu. Mtrs.)
Approximate Feed Stock Required Per Day Total cooking time per day* Area required in sq. mtrs.
Cow Dung (Kg.) Kitchen Waste (Kg.)
OBGP-01000-01 1.0 20-25 kg + 20-25 ltr. Water 10-12 kg + 12-15 ltr. Water 2 Hours. 2.89
OBGP-02000-01 2.0 40-50 kg + 40-50 ltr. Water 20-25 kg + 25-32 ltr. Water 4 Hours. 4.13
OBGP-02000-02 2.0 50-60 kg + 50-60 ltr. Water 25-30 kg + 30-37 ltr. Water 5 Hours. 5.15

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